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Choose the Tier that best fits your needs and schedule. 

Gift yourself the gift of conscious community, healing and authentic connection.

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You will receive a 30 day complimentary trial before your first payment and membership is month-to-month; you may cancel at any time through your PayPal account.

The Community Membership is primarily virtual and may be for you if you are participating from a distance or your schedule prevents you from attending events.


This option will still allow you to stay connected to the community and participate in all of our virtual healing events and coaching calls.

The Connection Membership is for those who want in-person connection and support.

This option includes all of the benefits of the community membership and also offers the opportunity to gather in circle for healing, support, and empowerment.


The Heart-Centered Business membership is ideal for those who want full access to the community AND the opportunity to grow your business within the context of the community. 

This option includes all of the benefits of the community & connection memberships and also offers the ability to share your business with members by facilitating circles, business spotlights, listing on our website, and a monthly entrepreneur mastermind where we gather together and support each others' continued growth.

**After your 30 day trial, your account will be charged $22. This is non-refundable. You may cancel your membership any time through your PayPal account.




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